Hunseröds Bed & Breakfast

Bo på Lantgård

We are members of
the organisation
"Bo på Lantgård".
Quality class:

ax ax ax ax ax
"First class".

Hunseröd, Perstorp, Sweden
Tel: +46 733 207060, +46 709 959091

Sitting room
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Guests sitting room

Relax in the sitting room with a book by the fire or watch TV.

This is the sitting room.

Along one wall we have a large aquarium. There you may see Corydoras julii, Corydoras panda, Symphysodon red var., Otocinclus affinis, Apistogramma cacatoidec, Apistogramma bitaenata, Nematobrycon palmeri, Ancistrus dolichopterus and more.
There is also a working place with computer and internet access. For those bringing their own laptop it is possible to connect to the wireless network.
Brasa During the cold season you may want to sit by the fire.
This is what the room looks like.
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Updated 2022-12-09