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Hunseröd, Perstorp, Sweden
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Local attractions for daytrips

Here we present some places to visit as daytrips from Hunseröd. Click on the titles for more information.

As our guest we will of course help you to find something that fits your interests.

Hallands Väderö

Hallands Väderö island

Take the boat to the island Hallands Väderö. There are many trips from Torekov every day during summer.

"Skånes Djurpark" The Zoo of Nordic Animals

Spend a day with your children at Skånes Djurpark!


Lekoseum Brio

BRIO Lekoseum – or directly translated to English; BRIO Playoseum, it is just that – a toy museum where the visitors are allowed to play. We have everything from a play house and rail way systems to traditional game boards and even computer games.


The Railway museum in Ängelholm

Here the visitor can follow the development of the railway in full-scale exhibits as well as in models and a slide-show. Everything from the early horse-drawn waggons to today´s High Speed Train. Have a ride in the locomotive-simulator "Locomotion".


Ängelholms Airplane museum

History, airplanes, environment from the early days of flying to modern day. There is also a flight simulator at the museum.

Söderåsens nationalpark

Söderåsen national park

Beautiful nature and adventure with cliffs and ravines formed 150 million years ago.



"Skåneleden" is a trail system covering Skåne from east to west. There are four subtrails. One of them pass north of Hunseröd and another south of Hunseröd.


The Fun Pool in Perstorp!

Klippans Yllefabrik

"Klippans Yllefabrik" is a modern wool spinning plant. There is also a factory shop which offers a variety of products from the standard collection. The shop (20 km from Hunseröd) also offers sample items, discontinued items, and irregulars at special outlet prices.

Klippan Keramik

Just outside Klippan, in the village Krika, you will find "Klippan Keramik" with production and sale of traditional rustic Skåne pottery. You can also see some of their products at our B&B.

Copenhagen and Tivoli

Copenhagen is only 1,5 hours away. Take a daytrip and visit the shopping area Strøget or enjoy yourself at Tivoli.

Nature and Recreation areas

There are plenty of fantastic nature areas around Hunseröd. We will help you to find what you want.


Kullaberg nature reserve

Kullaberg offers a fantastic natural experience with great cliffs, caves, views og the coast north and south and much more. Furthest out on the point of Kullaberg lies Kullen's lighthouse. The hill's dramatic nature and special flora and fauna are attractive for botanical walks, bird watching, diving and climbing.

"Nimis" and "Arx"

Nimis is a construction of driftwood and rests from the cutting areas built by the artist Lars Vilks. It's definitely worth a visit. We will tell you more about it and how to get there when you come to Hunseröd.


Summer toboggan

Try "Sommar-rodel" at Sydalpin, about 45 km from Hunseröd. "Rodel" means toboggan in swedish and usually this is a winter sport. In this summer version you travel at high speed on the 935 meter long track winding through the beautiful landscape.

Updated 2022-12-09